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Location: San Francisco, CA

Camera and Lens: Nikon D80, 50mm f/1.8 lens

Creative Process: Taken during the San Francisco Worldwide Photo Walk. I just saw and photographed.

Post Production: I cropped this photos just a bit, and played around with the color saturation to increase the yellows and oranges just a tiny bit.

Evacuation – A Dream

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A vivid dream from July 14, 2010. So vivid that I needed to write it down and sketch it out.

July 14, 2010

I was with a girl, in a skyscraper where her fathers business was housed. There was housing on the top floors. I remember some things about being nervous around her father. I remember we went to sleep together in the same bed looking out a window into the night sky. The earth shook. We both woke up thinking that this was our first earthquake. We decided it wasn’t much and went back to sleep. Seconds later we were jolted awake by some very loud noises. We somehow knew (from other people?) that we had to evacuate the building. I didn’t remember how to evacuate, so we just took off. We didn’t have on shoes and were wearing sleeping gear. I still had my pillow as we rushed down some stairs and outside. Everything was completely dark outside, but things were violently visible. The sky was full of a menacing black storm.


Critique Culture and Where I Failed

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So, I’ve been thinking a lot of process, especially about how critique fits into process both in academia and in the workplace. In academia we are constantly pushed to have our work critiqued, which is absolutely fantastic. However, what I failed to realized, despite all my preaching about getting feedback and critique as often as possible, is that in academia critique comes to you. Often times it simply wasn’t necessary to go out and explicitly ask for critique for someone. Someone was constantly around, and usually looking over your shoulder. They would just walk up and say what they thought. This is absolutely fantastic, but it’s unlike the real world which I’ve experience here at Mozilla. While we work strongly in teams, we often perform a lot of work on our own. This work happens at our own desk on our own computers. While working at our desk, everyone at the same time, it’s very unlikely that someone is just going to come up and start talking about what you are working on at that very moment. Sure people come by your desk and talk, and once in a while it’s relevant to the stuff you were working on that particular moment. But often, it’s not. This means that the work you are performing right now is being looked at by you, and likely only you. Despite our somewhat deepest fears, our colleagues are not looking over our shoulders. No one is peeping at our computers secretly judging us and see how many times we log into twitter and facebook. It’s just not happening for the majority of us, especially in our field.


Mozilla Summit 2010

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I recently got back from the Mozilla 2010 Summit in Whistler, BC.

I can sum up my entire experience in just one word.



Firefox Home Tab Concepts

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As you may know, I’ve been doing a lot of researching and thinking about post Firefox 4 Home Tab during my internship here at Mozilla. I’ve taken the research I’ve conducted, my colleagues thinking, experience and ideas, along with my own experience and ideas and put together some wireframes. These sketches represent some very basic directions that we could take with the Home Tab.

It’s important to note that these concepts represent some very basic and rough ideas of what the home tab could look like in the future. These are in no way absolute directions, but rather provide some jumping off points for future work.

That being said, let’s frame these concepts a bit better.