Design Projects

Photography Prototyping

Prototyping with photography is a good way to show a design being in-situ. It allows for quick capture of experiences that are easy to consume and share. Photography also allows for a greater conversation to happen between designers and stakeholders as the mind must fill in some details of the experience of the design. Photography can also be quickly created with little resources and can be very powerful.


sascr the social awkward robot


For my design, I quickly prototyped a body for a robot project on which I've been working. I then put the robot in several situations and photographed it. Putting these images together in a sequence told the story of the robot and the experience of 'using' the robot. I took these images, put them into keynote, and let keynote make a quick movie slideshow for me, embedded below. Building and photographing this design took at total of 2-3 hours.

Final Prototype

My final prototype is a set of images set in order. These images come together to form the story of S.A.S.C.R.